Friday, February 20, 2009

Shameful and shameless photoblogging (part two in what may or may not be an occasional series….)

A snowperson

one of my neighbours

Another snowbeing

no, snowbeings are not human creations

And as I walked through the snow another snowcreature of not exactly definite species and gender but hey who cares….

put the carrot in the rite place and gender it I say hehe

Wonderful Advertising with tasteful additions purely in the interest of art of course….

A Splendid Firm!

Close up


Interesting tower, or is it a bartisan? Still haven’t got my head round the architectural lingo… exciting eh?


The tower/bartisan in all it’s glory!

a rather small room no doubt…

Snow in the heart of the campus

The Chancellor is the man on the telly and indeed radio….

The Chancellor’s Court

Ello Melvyn!

More to come…. bet you can’t wait……

Textual Harassment (maybe part six of an occasional series...)

Just clearing the memory from my moby. Possibly deleted a few pearls of wisdom and amazing texts which are now lost forever. Herewith the remainder.....

From Becs on New Year's Eve

"2008 was a year of trial & error but we all came out stronger and wiser."

From Linda on new year’s eve also

"2009 is at the door… Remember, Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss lips slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and mostly remember to never regret anything that made you smile."

From Kevin

"A 6ft 4in man in toilet looks 2 his left 7 sees a little man peeping out a huge penis he says that the biggest penis I’ve ever seen the other man says im a leprechaun & we all have big ones. Tall man says I wish I had 1 like that. Leprechaun says I’ll grant u that wish if u let me screw you 1st. Man not sure but agrees. so leprechaun humpin away says what age are u son. tall man says 36. Imagine that 36 & still believe in leprechans!! "

From The Lovely Becs at Imbolc

"Remember on this snowy Imbolc that far beneath the bitter snow there is a seed that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes a rose x x brightest blessings and a happy Imbolc to all x x x"

Monday, February 02, 2009

Shameless Photo-Blogging (part one of an occasional series so long as my camera holds out….)

Right, have camera still. So a bit of shameless photoblogging…..

Harry Pothead!


And here is the statue of Joseph Priestly, Unitarian vicar of Leeds until he went to Birmingham. Wrong way vicar…….

It’s the same God innit?

Of course the Brummies burned down his home and laboratory… so he fled to Amerika which I suppose before Joe McCarthy made sense.

Some lovely female form and body beautiful

now far from me to be er

Not just, ahem, er….

ok gratutitous tits shot

Goth Alert!

Cheer Up Goth! LOL

Though I thought that goth was more for death…. Bewhare of Whitby! Even the vicar is a goth!

Random shot of Woodsley Road looking south.

time flies er what can I say?

Another Camera Crew! Not the same one honest….

LS:TV I think…

Fancy a Christian?

Perhaps I should have joined the CU….

Random shot of The Great Hall in the snow

yes we got snow in Leeds….

Bloody Students!

they were nice to me didn’t throw snowballs at me or anything…


no er…..

Right must be off could be away from the net for some time…..

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