Thursday, May 31, 2007

Love and Valerien

I need an early night. Big Brother has been exhumed for an eighth series... So worth watching the opening episode if only to be able to dip in or out if needs be later. There is no escape from televisual narcosis.... Doesn't Carole look like Millie Tant? And Lesley like Stella Rimmington on methadone?

A house full of wimmin will be great though. Having lived in a very female heavy household... oh the simplicity by comparison of living with disgusting men.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007


Interesting add on Brit TV for Screwfix Direct…. “You’ll pay less and save money” Verbatim. Or was ot save money and pay less. Well think about it.

Brit TV yesterday

Astronomy, romantic idiocy and the moon.

“seen an ad on tv for the 1truelove a moby thing using astronomy and numerology to give you the name of “the one” down to his/her name.. Well people who believe in the soupiness of romance mite believe in astronomy bit like that amerikan who sells bits of the moon, made 9 million so far..”

an astronomer yesterday

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Ping Pong Ball Goes Ping Pong Ping Pong

In the run up to my last essay did txt my brother will all to frequent updates how I was doing or not....

Kevin sent me a classic

"Can u add"...A ping pong ball goes ping pong ping pong ..." i used that in draft nvsin ass! didnt work though! k!"

well brightened up a dull day.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Catching Up With Life....

Perhaps we could make this one into a badge

Safely back from London. Now back to catching up with my life. Have a couple of blog posts in the pipeline, but then I had a few before doing Yearly Meeting. So watch this space....

Somewhat Christian... 46 to be precise....

Your Score: Somewhat Christian

You scored 46 Chirstian!

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{{You've been in Christianity for a few years and know what you need to do, but still a small bit of doubt is in you.}

Sunday, May 06, 2007

angry, depressed, tired and spiritually cold (advices and queries 10)

"Come regularly to meeting for worship even when you are angry, depressed, tired or spiritually cold." (Advices and Queries 10 QFP 1:02)

In my current condition I feel I am seeing things not as they are but as I am. I am angry, depressed, tired and frankly messed up. I pray that my presence at Yearly Meeting is a help rather than hindrance to the meeting as a whole. Bear with my self therapy dear Friends. Coming to this Yearly Meeting might be a diversion from my journey towards wholeness, but perhaps wrong turnings and dead ends are part of the journey too....

Have been sitting mostly in the East Gallery, by tradition a gathering place of Young Friends. Well 39 is still pretty young for Britain Yearly Meeting....

The seats in the galleries are probably the hardest in western Europe. OOoo my bum!

In the session on Equality and Inclusion a Friend spoke movingly about her anger at exclusion of women from science but that anger is not love. At times I have a song "Angry Love" ringing in my head, forget who it was by or even the title.

"You sing with a hunger, you can call it an anger, you sing with an angry love"

I woke up last nite and couldn't get back to sleep. I was already short of sleep. So by the end of first plenary session this morning I just needed to crash. I did so in the worship room. Freaky.... The thought occurred to score some valerian. England takes drugs in psychic defence... definitely going to cut out caffeine except when i really really really need it...

Managed to score a bar of fairly traded chocolate on sale in reception here at Friends House. Yumm! That's got me Convinced (Laughs out Loud)

Let the light shine!

PS Official Blog of BYM at

Give Peas a Chance!


here's that poster spotted at Hammersmith Friends Meeting House one morning...

smoking is bad for your health don't do it kidz!

observant readers of previous post will have noticed repeat of Give Peas a Chance Poster.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Going Up To Jerusalem (QFP 6:11)

The Quaker Vatican on Euston Road

“We did conclude among ourselves to settle a meeting, to see one another's faces, and open our hearts one to another in the Truth of God once a year, as formerly it used to be.” Yearly Meeting in London, 1668 (Quaker Faith and Practice 6:02)

Well I got here! Yay!

I am at Britan Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (them dodgy Quaker types).

Here was my first view of Friends House.


Would you believe it! As I stood outside the main door someone actually offered to take a picture! Feel the Love! And thank you friend whoever you are. Makes a change not having to slip someone a fiver LOL! Span the World in Friendship!

a typial Quaker yesterday

BYM has an official blog, I am merely an unofficial Blogger.

I am staying at Hammersmith Friends’ Meeting House. Many thanks in advance to Hammersmith Friends especially John Marshall for making my stay fabulous and enabling me to feel the goddes presence.

Here is Hammersmith FMH

Light Shining in Hammersmith!

I am sleeping in the childrens room, on the floor of course. Once a Young Friend always a Young Friend….

Here’s of the toys

This is Fun!

Give Peas a chance!

Peas Man!

Not the best poster produced by the Society of Friends pretty dam good!

Smoking is bad for your health! Don’t do it kidz!

Are you listening Tony?

Good to see a bit of flower power in the SoF. Here is a view from the East Gallery

Traditionally Young Friends and other montangnards to be found here

and here is a close up.

dem be the Clerks

And love this Quakerly mug

we saw em off! Nonviolently lol

We had a little local difficulties with the errant Spanish back in 1588.

Right, must dash session starts in 5 minutes LOL

Friday, May 04, 2007

Voting Day

It was Voting Day here in Old England. When I was at primary school I remember Voting Day, it was mega because the school was used as a polling station so us sprogs got a day off school.

Here is a Polling Station for Independent Electors of the City of Leeds, such as Bluebell


The Big friendly letters in BOLD BLOCK CAPITAL SANS SERIF LETTERS I remember from my primary school days. No doubt designed by a bored civil servant at the Home Office (Lilibet Windsor’s Ministry of Police Propaganda and Prisons) on a dull day before my time.

Goes without saying that I remembered to Vote Green this morning. The Country is indeed gripped with election fever and democratic frenzy! Yeah baby!

Desirable Divorcees

I wonder if Queen Bobbitt remarried?

What I did in my holidays (Part four)

Not that size matters…

The lovely Manuela’s celebration of life on the occasion of the commencement of her 41st trip around the sun did occur on the easter weekend, it was lovely to enjoy her hospitality in Loopy Liverpool. Above of course is the largest Steeplehouse in Old England. Pretty Impressive?

Here is the Birthday Girl with the scran as we prepared to leave for the party.

Isn’t she lovely?

Loading it into a wheelbarrow of course

remember that Hale and Pace sketch?  Billy and Johnny

Perhaps Portugese Rose would go down well

alcohol free days in 2007 124 v.g.

And off we set

I was carrying and spilling the sangria

Passing an ultra modern Anglican Steeplehouse on the way with a lovely pyramid shape. Give me that olde time religion! Last steeple house I saw in shape of pyramid was a Plymouth Brethren Gospel Hall in Birmingham, it proably had the same architects.

Give me that Olde Time Religion!

Wonder if Manuela’s plan to have a marquee in the park was a bit whimsical

She had bought it for the party, this was it’s first outing

We got it up in the end, but it was heavy going when there was just me Gavin and Manuela. Things got a bit better when the reinforcements turned up

Needs at least 10 to put it up  LOL

Not sure it would have stood the wind and the rain but there u go. I was there honest! But no one ever photographs the photographer unless u slip ‘em a fiver

I’m not joking you know!

Manuela was left holding the baby

gotta love family planning cue jeremy kyle LOL

But I was on hand to drip feed her some rose


Goes without saying we tidied up

Competition amongst English Cities for Phallic Architecture is very intense, here’s Loopy Liverpool’s attempt to rival Leeds

Leeds 3 Liverpool 2 in the Phallic Architecture League

Feel the Love! You know you want to!

taken I think outside the blackie arts center or something

Cheers Manuela! Here’s to the next 40 years!

Perhaps Liverpool is the Pool of Life as Carl would have it

taken outside flannigans apple in the caven quarter

My Nana is a fan of Carl

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Star Posts

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