Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Playing With My Toys (part one of an occasional series

Been playing with my new toy. Have a new digital camera bought in the Currys’ sale (well i did ask for a mild vegan vindalooo and a couple of popadoms but they only had electronic equipment). Well worth it as it is 6 megs and I have had some success in taking photographs in poor light conditions, the older model is very poor at that. So this evening been running tests, below, spotted in the old bar, is a half dunk glass of vodka and yes I did drink the rest LMAO!

you won’t catch me drinking water!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Amerikan Inteligence…..

According to Dick Strawbridge the CIA once had the radge idea of spying on the Soviets (must have been during the cold war) by placing a listening device on a domestic moggie and training him or her to wander in to the Soviet Embassy without a pass. Presumably they gave up when they realised that you can’t train a cat to do anything but not before they had spent 10 million dollars…. Meow!

007 yesterday

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Happy Firm!

Oblong is an open access community arts resource centre based somewhere in Burley/Woodhouse/Hyde Park, a splendid firm. Likesay it is moving house again so at the office party all was packed, and the chains used to secure the computers had been fashioned into a swing. Well I am sure a swinging party makes for a happy firm. It was certainly fun.

Bluebell  Swinging

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