Monday, July 10, 2006

Wikipediana (part one of an occasional series. Maybe)

Did text a few friends:-

“The following Emperors were Field Marshals in the British Army wilhelm 2nd of Germany, franz-josef of austria-hungary, hirohito of japan, sadam hussain of iraq”

amazing what you find on wikipedia. Love it!

My Friend Simon texted back saying he had a picture of Kaiser Bill in a kilt so did text him with

“I remember as a lad watching the news, a kilt was auctioned and bourght by Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada VC President of Uganda and conquerer of the british empire b”

Field Marshall Idi Amin VC. Man in a skirt.

anyway, noting wrong with men in skirts.

But back to Field Marshals. Funny, having made 2 enemy emporers high ranking officers in the British Army, you would think they would have learned a lesson. But no, the late Showa emporer as well was a 5 star general in “our” army. Pehaps, though finally that was the last straw and was the only reason why Sadam Hussain was not given a baton by the Queen. He was on our side once as well.

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