Friday, May 04, 2007

What I did in my holidays (Part four)

Not that size matters…

The lovely Manuela’s celebration of life on the occasion of the commencement of her 41st trip around the sun did occur on the easter weekend, it was lovely to enjoy her hospitality in Loopy Liverpool. Above of course is the largest Steeplehouse in Old England. Pretty Impressive?

Here is the Birthday Girl with the scran as we prepared to leave for the party.

Isn’t she lovely?

Loading it into a wheelbarrow of course

remember that Hale and Pace sketch?  Billy and Johnny

Perhaps Portugese Rose would go down well

alcohol free days in 2007 124 v.g.

And off we set

I was carrying and spilling the sangria

Passing an ultra modern Anglican Steeplehouse on the way with a lovely pyramid shape. Give me that olde time religion! Last steeple house I saw in shape of pyramid was a Plymouth Brethren Gospel Hall in Birmingham, it proably had the same architects.

Give me that Olde Time Religion!

Wonder if Manuela’s plan to have a marquee in the park was a bit whimsical

She had bought it for the party, this was it’s first outing

We got it up in the end, but it was heavy going when there was just me Gavin and Manuela. Things got a bit better when the reinforcements turned up

Needs at least 10 to put it up  LOL

Not sure it would have stood the wind and the rain but there u go. I was there honest! But no one ever photographs the photographer unless u slip ‘em a fiver

I’m not joking you know!

Manuela was left holding the baby

gotta love family planning cue jeremy kyle LOL

But I was on hand to drip feed her some rose


Goes without saying we tidied up

Competition amongst English Cities for Phallic Architecture is very intense, here’s Loopy Liverpool’s attempt to rival Leeds

Leeds 3 Liverpool 2 in the Phallic Architecture League

Feel the Love! You know you want to!

taken I think outside the blackie arts center or something

Cheers Manuela! Here’s to the next 40 years!

Perhaps Liverpool is the Pool of Life as Carl would have it

taken outside flannigans apple in the caven quarter

My Nana is a fan of Carl

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