Saturday, August 25, 2007

Eating beautiful animals

Hurrah for ex police officer and mum Nina Hobson looking into the issue of what could potentially get fed to the sprogs (Undercover Mum, ITV 1 Wednesday night if I remember but can’t find it on the website).

Funny though that the narrator said that they had to focus on a limited number of issues, as there are so many when it comes to food. And the great discovery? That some of the steaks on the children’s’ menu in alehouses were not actually from beautiful British bulls and cows but from African zebus.

No thanks I am a vegetarian and gotta love family planning. But if I were to feed beastly vile animal products to my offspring I would want it to be beautiful British Animals not some minging African ones… LOL

What a minger!

Even so there is a serious issue of traceability. I have for years been seen as a freak when asking what was in food when trying to purchase especially ready cooked food. I can well understand that the low paid fellow workers behind the counter are far from passionate. But hey, beastly vile animal products are not food. So I do want to know if potential “food” contains any.

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