Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Splendid Firm! (Part One (surprisingly) in a surprisingly occasional series....)

Cycling up the York Road here in Leeds I did spot this chimney and thought 'Aha! LICS! Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society!

It was (I am not sure when from and too) in the constitution of LICS that 'Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society' be on all their buildings.  There were a lot of them, not just many purpose built stores but also the original People's Mill that LICS was founded to build, but also laundrys, factories and a slaughterhouse.  This is I suppose a bit of ongoing research, it being the subject of my undergraduate dissertation.

Anyway, was today in the area so took a short historical/psychogeographical detour and got my pic.  Said Chimney was that of the Osmondthorpe Laundry, it is now Festival House of Festival Hampers, a splendid firm!  The Warehouse Manager said hello, and showed me a photocopy of photos of the Laundry.  LICS had another Laundry on Gelderd Road.  It too has left some physical remains but not so impressive, if my memory serves me well.  Rite that's April over.  Doesn't time fly?

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