Monday, August 26, 2013

Chapeltown Carnival 2013

Have some pics of the Chapeltown Carnival from last year, arrived back in Chapeltown from Solfest just as the Carnival Parade passed bottom of Spencer Place.  Another post maybe one day.  Anyway I did drift over to Potternewton Park 'cause the spirit of JAH you know she lead you on.

then did meet Dr Anzir at Abu Baker on Roundhay Road, likesay a bit of photoblogging

Oh well enough Photoblogging? 

After carnival procession had passed us opposite Abu Baker over to Chapeltown Road to get some comprehensive pics. 

Axe the Bedroom Tax!

Austerity for the Wealthy?  for some odd reason not...

and of course International Rescue

Missing Solfest.  Not been to a festi this year :-(

Such is life.

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