Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fundamentalists and gender identity? (part one, G-d's Cock)

Have had a recent exchange on Youtube with a creationist apparently from St Lucia. This morning was posted

'Species is a categorizing of the animals that God created nothing
less and he is a He.A Father and Son and a holy Spirit.God is a not a

Interesting. I suppose this is conceding that species are not immutable.. as creationists assert in the face of all evidence.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that gender identity is a 'concern' if not obsession with fundamentalists. After all they tend not to be hot on gender equality and if homosexuality is an obsession with many if not all fundamentalists... well that requires a focus on gender identity.

so did comment back

'so G-d has a cock?  How big is it?'

maybe there is more to gender identity than genitalia. A creationist case for G-d being gendered without genitalia would be interesting. If the Fundamentalist Brains Trust come up with anything let me know guys...

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