Sunday, September 18, 2011

Masters of The Universe (Part 1 of an occasional series...)

In Ancient Egypt Cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have clearly not forgotten this.... Well they did make granaries and distilleries possible....

There are lots of moggies in the street. Old terrace houses are mouse infestation prone so I suppose they are a necessity. Problem is that it then drives the little sods into my flat as a perceived soft touch for the small rodent vermin. I think I am finally winning the war against the dirty disgusting incontinent little sods who leave trails of shit.... 11 caught so far in traps 2 found conked out poisoned.

Anyway the local moggies seem a bit scared of me but have managed to get the following pics of them looking down on me with disdain.

This little Master of The Universe is sleek slim and all black very elegant


Here it is again


Was amazed to find these two mates co-existing harmoniously on a green bin. Perhaps they are siblings or just good mates


Cats don't think they own the Universe. They do.....

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