Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Made it to Brighton for Conference of the Peoples' Party!

Can I do a quick blog post before the battery on my baby laptop goes...

we had a fire alarm, pics to follow...

then just as I was about to blog... the lappy crashes anyway

so here we are

A round of applause and standing ovations for the Leader of the Real Opposition, Caroline Lucas MP, out on Police Bail.  Funny how the House of Commons is full of real criminals.

And a standing ovation of course for Natalie Bennet, ''And we will not rest until we’ve expelled every last corporate bloodsucker from our NHS!'  Way to go!!!

and Co-Chair of European Green Party, for years we have sent two excellent Green MEPs, please send more in May.  It is the European Parliament that defended the rights of National Parliaments to have a say in economic policy.

Here's two professors, Molly and Rupert both will make excellent MEPs

On the way to Wagner Hall

where the Hullabuloo Choir serenaded us 'Lotta Continua!'

to excellent veggie burgers!

more to come

with a bit of luck...


  1. Keep the reports coming! I am deeply wounded by my absence and need regular, soothing doses of conference gossip!

  2. hi Emily thanks for reading my blog! Likesay a final conference blog still due... plus blog of museum run day after conference in London on way back to Leeds


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