Saturday, June 11, 2005

An otherwise dull day

I was walking down Woodhouse Lane when I was handed a flier, nicely laser printed A5 black and white. Makes a change from the club fliers, glossy rubbish, I am not interested. Night clubs are a boring rip off.

Anyway, said leaflet is signed Henry Percy. No contact details. Hi Henry if you are reading this, feel free to get in touch. Oh, and in black and white there is a heraldic achievement in part on the front.

Said leaflet starts with

“Did you know that I invented the electronic computer in 1942? I was born in 1940 the second son of the 10th Duke of Northumberland with a uniquely prodigious intellectual ability which my particular circumstances enabled me to be rapidly developed”

Must confess that it wasn’t till I re-read said sentence that I thought hang on, that means he invented the computer at the age off two.

Our Henry continues

“The basic secrecy has continued since the war for similar reasons – to conceal the existence of the copyright and thus enable those people to manipulate that enormous advantage to their greater benefit.”

Clever of the buggers to make Henry look like a conspiracy theorist. Good luck in retrieving your intellectual property Henry, might be worth a few bob now…..

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