Monday, June 06, 2005

Weird Teeth

Observant readers of this blog may have noticed that I have not been at my best over the last few months. I have been dying of dental pain. Was finally diagnosed as an abscess a few weeks ago, long story, and I did a course of antibiotics. Well, the root canal filled fractured tooth believed to be the cause of said abscess which likesay has had my eyes popping out my head has just been amputated, like 4 hours ago, and the anaesthetic is just wearing off.... agh! Still, hopefully in a few days I will have my life back.

Anyway, it would seem that say 90% of root canal fillings work, problem was this one was fractured for a while, so an infection happened, but likesay the filling didn’t quite work as there is a peculiar architecture to at least this particular tooth, the root canal deltas at the other end. The dental surgeon tells me that architecture does vary, some people do have peculiar teeth….

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