Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vogon Central on the M40?

a cat.  yesterday.

Greetings from Bracknell! I have been to Stonhenge! I have been to Europe! I have been to the Moon! and now! Bracknell! Still. must confess that I got the bus and train from Reading.

My early start from Leeds did not quite happen. So at midday tuck out my thumb at Junction 2 of the M621. Not bad, only a 90 minute wait and a nice lift to Tibshelf services. two further lifts to Leicester Forest East via Trowel. Then the offer of a lift to the M40 from a Polish waggon driver. Well, not sure how I was ever going to get round the M25, seemed like a good idea at the time. Got there 1830 hhrs, was there all night, 13 hours in total. And probably subject to more hostility than ever.

Now, gentle reader. I am under the misconcieved Idea that most hitch hikers are harmless. Or at least I am. I do not hassle drivers for lifts. I wait patiently. I hope. I smile. I wave. I spread good vibrations, or try too. Difficult after a 13 hour wait. Oh well, hitch hiking Karma, nothing like it, it confirms your faith in human kind, or wrecks it.

So yes, the negative gestures did get to me a bit. Perhaps Cherwell Valley Services on the M40 is Vogon Central. The attitude of Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz "All planet leave is cancelled. I've just had an unhappy love affair, and I don't see why anyone else should enjoy themselves."

Happy hippy summer solstice one and all. I am enjoying the most wonderful hospitality of a wonderful friend. As one of her fridge magnets has it

Life should be filled with love, laughter, friends and a cat.

The cat (Misty, a big beautiful tortoiseshell) is a psycho though LMAO!

Merrick, ever had any long waits?
Happy Hitching one and all!

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