Thursday, November 08, 2012

Crem Day 18th October 2012

I really need to do a blogging frenzy... Anyway for now... Good to have been able to finally do a crem day, this time a year on from Pamela departing this life. I am particularly grateful to my host Lisa and Pamela's wonderful friends Taffy and Sarah. And special thanks to National Express for rescuing my laptop, which I left on the coach when changing coach at Sheffield. Fan mail to follow guys.... So by the time I got to Mansfield the crem was shut for the day. So thankfully able to get to crem the following morning then back home to feed Ewah.

Had intended to do a memories of Pamela post long ago.  Still haven't even opened a file.  But it's a story that should be told.  A wonderful story.  Hopefully to follow.  Anyway, for now, G-d bless you Pamela, thanks for everything!  Love never comes to an end.

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