Saturday, November 10, 2012

What about the workers! Visit to the Peoples' Museum

With Garth's Extension group it was wonderful to visit the Peoples Museum in Manchester.

Here is me in the foyer

Funny I don't recall Bloody Harold on Spitting Images...

The Peace Movement! A splendid firm!

Workers Unite!

The Co-op!  A splendid firm!!

Abuse of power and rule by a few very rich people.  Things entirely of distant memory.  Well if you read the papers and are completely trapped in the media and commodity spectacle.

And now we have the right to vote what difference does it make?  Votes are not equal under an institutionalised system of ballot rigging and vote stealing that is plurality voting (erroneously called 'First Past The Post')

The Immortal (though sadly now dead) Tom Paine

Wilkes and Liberty!  Anyone drink to that?

Particularly love the story that when Wilkes stood for election in Middlesex, he asked one Independent Elector of the County of Middlesex could he count on his vote.  'I would rather vote for the Devil'  'But with your preferred candidate not standing on this occasion, can I count on your vote?'

There were black Chartists like William Cuffee

Industrial Workers

Tomorrow!  When Labour rules!  So now we know


Self explanatory I suppose

All together now! Raise higher the red banners of the class struggle!

say 'Socialism!'

Something a bit topical. 

Come back David Lloyd-George!  All is forgiven!

The Drink Map of Manky!

Should come in handy when drinking.

I am the man, the very fat man, who waters the workers' beer


here endeth the lesson


so now you know

England Takes Drugz in psychic self defence...

and back to Leeds

As I wasn't allowed flash photography I have decided against any pics that didn't work in museum light.

Well, it would seem that the history of the People has been one of exploitation and struggle against this exploitation.  And a few rich and powerful people who generally clung onto that wealth and power.

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