Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Persistance of Slavery

Another field trip with Garth's Extension Group!  This time to the Wilberforce Museum in Kingston-Upon-Hull to explore the disgusting dirty history of slavery.  And also the heroic efforts not only of the Victorian Do-Gooders to end it but of the oppressed and downtrodden themselves to resist and ultimately end it in one form.    Here we are

Here's Garth at Wilberforce House.

William Wilberforce himself was a Yorkshireman, played cricket for Yorkshire

here's yer man!

So he goes down to Cambridge to become a Bloody Student!

ooops bit of a problem rotating that one

here's some chains, quite possibly used on real slaves....

How did people become slaves?  Fill the form in I suppose.

In today's money Britain made 2.5 trillion pounds.  And we are really really sorry and we have given it all back.  Well maybe not.  Is our economic system fundamentally the same or radically different from one based on slavery?

Just thought I would ask..

Four Hundred years!  Four Hundred Years!

There was much resistance to slavery with colonies of maroons in Jamaica and a successful revolt in Haiti by the Black Jacobins gaining their independence .  Slavery was abolished in the French Empire during the Reign of Terror.  After the terror an expedition was sent to restore slavery to Haiti.  It was defeated.  Well in the Black Jacobins!

Evidently Voodoo played a part, not only as a way of liberation but jolly good fun yaya!

Here is the Voodoo Alter

The Immortal (though sadly now dead) Tom Paine

Slavery persisted after it's abolition, and resistance to the new forms of slavery continued.

And slavery persists...

In different forms...

There can be no Peace without Justice

Proclaim Liberty Throughout The Land! (Leviticus 25:10)

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