Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Golden Age of Telephone Marketing!

I have forgotten how many free holidays to Orlando Florida I have won. I probably don’t go a week, certainly not a fortnight, without a message left on my answering service that to the effect that I have won a free holiday to Orlando Florida, so pack my bags, and to claim phone the following number. Thing is for my health I need a good healthy climate. And nothing beats good old British Climate, hey we even exported it to other parts of the world, southern Chile, New Zealand, even Normandy. Probably one of our few good exports, but that is another matter.

Anyway, there is a certain magick to it. Of all the names they could have picked out of the BT phone book, they keep settling on mine…… Well, I hear that due to an EU directive coming in such marketing will eventually be a thing of the past. So let us enjoy this golden age while it lasts.

I wonder if Orlando Florida is full of Brits enjoying their free holidays. Perhaps the airport is awash with Brits flying in for their free holiday passing a horde of Brits flying back to Blighty to win another one, and so the cycle continues.

Send me a postcard guys! Or better still, no need to leave the beach if someone has a laptop connected to the internet, perhaps you could send me an email.

Likesay I prefer Old England. Florida seems too sunny and not rainy enough.

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