Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Re: Love and Chips!


> Thanks for the nice comments.

your welcome ;)

> I've read your profile..

you know, I wonder if most people do..... people are strange...

> and what can i say ? apart from "each to their own@.

fair enough

> My heart would break, ( and indeed it did ) if the man i was with slept with another woman.

now then. Wouldn't want to go down the route of misguided attempts to heal, teach, and convert. Life is too short. Monogamy is sort of ok between consenting couples in private LOL!

> I was with my EX for 20 years, i had no idea that he had been seeing many women over many years.

well, confessing to an away win would have disturbed an existing relationship.

Am personally really not sure why society seems far more threatened by openly living non monogamously than by "cheating" but such is life. Most people are not monogamous all the time and I doubt they ever will be. Viz, in a poll in New Woman 58% of married women said that they had had sex willingly with a man other than their husband. As my brother said and the other 42% lied. Rhetorical, yes there are mono women as well as mono men....

> I left him 18 months ago when i discovered this, i just took my kids and my clothes, and walked.

I won't ask why, likesay lets not go down the route of misguided attempts to heal, convert and teach.

> I suppose its different for you, because you and your partner both agree on the same thing.

not quite a partner per se, she is married after all. And yes, of course, it is an open marriage (though they are not out to the next door neighbours) her hubby has his one night stands and she has her crushes, who all bar me dump her in the end.

> I could never share anything so precious and intimate with other women.

bizarre, but how you feel is how you feel.

> Im single now, and not started the dating thing yet.. oh my word... its a minefield... so many false people.

yup! being honest doesn't get me many dates. None really.

> At least you are honest.

ahem, rather judgemental of you. Are you trying to imply that there is something wrong with being generous with body and soul?

and if you honestly believe that love is jealous, why not say so? (see 1 Corinthians 13:4)
> Good luck


Love and liberation

Bluebell xxx

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