Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Re: Re: Re: Love and Chips! xx


good to see you still on faceparty ;)

Thanks for your message and all the sharings therein.

> When i say he stole years from me... i mean that, if i knew about the other women i would have left him as soon as it happened, therefore, i stayed , and he kept me, in a relationship that was built on lies.

don't get me wrong. I am not trying to suggest in any way that this is not breach of promise, that your hurt is not real.

If he hadn't been caught, would you have been unhappy?

> if he told me about the kid, i would have left him.. and he knew i was a good wife, a giving and faithful wife, he wanted the best of all worlds.

I believe that's known as being human.

> I could have left him years ago, when i was still young enough to start again. Instead i have nothing, living in a crummy council flat.

you and me both. Suspect my council bridge of sighs bed-sit is crummier than yours....

> Ive been to college in the past year,

A favourite quote in "Doctor in the house" is "an education can last a lifetime - if you want it too...". Pity about the University of Leeds school of continuing education being discontinued...

> now looking for work in office admin.

good luck. ever seen the film "Secretary"? Assume the position LOL!

> We should all be given the choice, of how we lead our lives,


> i feel that i wasnt given that choice, it was taken away by HIM and his secrets.

Perhaps you have a point.

I do recall however. One episode of "Absolutely Fabulous" where Saffy gets Edina some "Lecoix" ear-rings and Edina wants to know are they really "Lecoix", and indeed gets manic about it.

"Do you like them?" asks Saffy

"Well I like them if they are Lecoix"

> I dont want to sound bitter..

you have permission to be bitter

> im really happy being single and celibate..

Job's a good 'un then.....

> i get lots of offers of course.. for sex..

Job's a good 'un....

> but i dont want anything to do with that.

you self confessed prude LOL!

> I want a man that adores me exclusively

Get real! PML!

Seriously, how you feel is how you feel. There would be something wrong with being too realistic. I am a card carrying idealist, but why hold someting as horrible as monogamy up as an ideal?

> and thinks of me first,if i cant have that, i'd rather be alone.

Wonderful to find someone who at least has the courage to live alone.

But why the notion that you have to live in a mono relationship or live alone? It is a pity that shared housing is seen as counter cultural outside of studentdom....

> P.S .. i do miss sex though .lol

Me too. After 3 months I am gnawing at the furniture in frustration

Love and liberation

Bluebell xxx

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