Monday, November 21, 2005

Do What Thou Will

Interfaith awareness half week kicked off this morning. On the display board for Kabal had put the principals of Paganism as per the Pagan Federation with a disclaimer that not every Pagan accepted said principals. One chap says he has problems with point 2 the positive morality bit. Weird!

So we had a long rather circuitous though hopefully amicable discussion. He suggested that self harm could be unethical which I conceded (and harm be to none, not and harm be to none but self, that’s logic knowhow). And yet he still said that you cannot do what you will for some reason. I conceded that despite living in a society where consuming animal products was totally un-necessary, not every Pagan in these islands was a loony lentilist animal liberationist, but likesay I don’t see why not (though I respect other people’s position on the animals for food issue even if I don’t agree with it). Then he said how it says in the Bible that it is OK to eat animals. Permitted in certain circumstances said I but nowhere in the Hebrew Scriptures or in the writings of the New Testament is the killing of an animal a trivial issue, just permitted in extreme circumstances. He disagreed. I said that he had misread the Hebrew Scriptures. He said that “Do what thou will” was forbidden in the Bible. I disputed that, surely God given morality is about God forbidding harm to fellow creatures and indeed self. I suggested that he had misread the Hebrew Scriptures and the writings of the New Testament. Cheeky perhas but why not! Anyway, enough. It turns out he is from Ghana.

Blessed be!

The Most Saintly Aleister Crowley (Still Alive!! (Goddess help us!))

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