Thursday, November 03, 2005

No More Glasgow Salads?

a Glasgow salad yesterday.  with some beastly vile animal products ugh!

Sunday afternoon I walked up to Hyde Park Corner and went into the Yellow Chip Shop (the one with the big poster saying “We cook in vegitable oil” Hyde Park Fisheries next door used to have a sign saying “All our Chips are fried in Vegetable Oil. And Everything Else” think about it…..) and purchased a Glasgow Salad for 1 UKP.

To my horror discovered something horrific therein.

“What is this?” I asked the man behind the counter.

“Oh a piece of kebab” he said apathetically.

“but I’m a vegetarian” says I. No apology no interest.

Left said Glasgow salad on the counter and walked out. Didn’t have the energy to kick up any further fuss.

Must stop purchasing take-aways. Pity cause the yellow chipy did do rather good glasgow salads. And a friend found a piece of ugh in something she purchased in Flames over the road from the parkinson steps. I had had many take aways from said establishment over the years.

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