Saturday, November 05, 2005

Guy Fawkes Memoiral Evening

Everything is spasming! Agh!

Anyway. Not keen to head home to my cottage on a council estate.

So glad that there seem at least to be less fireworks on council estates than when I first moved in over 3 years ago.

But likesay you never know…

Deeply grateful to my Friend Simon for a his presence and a fabulous day out in Leeds

Likesay after his arrival in Leeds did proceed eventually to the Art Gallery. His aptitude in art history being a most illuminating. Such as spotting so much in Iris by Atkinson Grimshaw.

Then on to the Corn Exchange. Likesay the Corn Exchange is Great! Therein you can exchange Threadneedle Street LETS for cards, clothes, incense, condoms, jewellery, games, and a whole host of other things but not corn….

Then to the Republican Armouries. Did lead Friend Simon on a bit to the storyteller telling of a poor archer from the Lancastrian side (probably a yorkshireman, Yorkshire being a hotbed of Lancastrian support during the wars of the roses) after the bloody battle of Towton.

Then on to the audio visual exhibition on the Battle of Marston Moor

Then on to Café Sahara for a cup of coffee.

Then to the coach station to see him off on his journey back over the Pennines.

Likesay. Did you know that there was no freedom of speech in Elizabethan England? Viz the treason laws where tightened to such a ridiculous extent.

Of course there will soon be no freedom of speech in Elizabethan England. This time with the tightening of the laws against Terrorism.

Likesay the did not the first Prevention of Terrorism Act passed by an Old Labour Government allow for detention without trial for 9 days?

Was this aimed at terrorism of those naughty boys in the Provisional IRA? Or was it to prevent an anti war movement forming in Great Britain? Or indeed elsewhere in these islands?

Now then. How many people have been held under the “Prevention of Terrorism Act” so called? How many have been charged with offences related to “Terrorism”? How many have been released without charge? How many people so charged with terrorism have subsequently been convicted of “Terrorism” subsequently released when their convictions have been found to be unsafe (such as the Birmingham 6, Guildford 4 and Winchester 3). Are the jails of Olde England full of innocent men and women?

Now then. What of the Criminal Justice Act passed by the last administration.

Now then what of the “Prevention of Terrorism Act” so called passed by New Babylon defining as “terrorism” actions of avowedly pacifist groups such as Greenpeace if they where a threat to “Property”

Now then. What of the current anti terrorism legislation before Parliament allowing for detention without trial for 90 days?

Is nothing sacred under the current New Babylon government? Trial by Jury? Innocence until proven Guilty? Habeas Corpus? Freedom of speech? The rule of law? Doesn’t look like it?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not an apologist for Terrorism. Whether committed by governments or unauthorised.

But since the current definition of “terrorism” under English law is ridiculous…..

Will I really be committing an offence for glorifying in avowedly non violent action which can in no way be described as terrorism?

Would glorifying in the violent terrorist act of blowing up the rainbow warrior by the French Government constitute terrorism? Are we going to send the gunboats to France? Probably not.

May Bush the Younger, Blair and Blunkett be dammed! They should be drowning in their hypocrisy!

Love and Rage!

penny for the guy?

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