Thursday, November 03, 2005

Now Believe!

I was walking out of the Ed Boyle Library when a nice looking devotchka asked me would I take one of her fliers. Certainly said I, would she take one of mine. I gave her a flier for Gnosis (got a stack who want’s one?) and she gave me a card which said on one side just two words. Now Believe. And on the other side nothing else at all. No pictures, no phone numbers, contact details, words of wisdom, words of looonacy nothing.

Who are these guys? Bog standard evangelicals or something more wacky? If the latter the website seems to give no clues.

Likesay cult and fundamentalist trainspotting is dead fun, whish I had more friends into it.

I was listening to the late nite radio. There was an interesting item on how the Roman Catholic Church had published something warning against excessive biblical literalism and fundamentalism. A debate was had with some Chap from the church of rome and a loony fundamentalist with an amerikan accent. Wish I had taped it. Chap from church of rome was conciliatory, presenter/interviewer asked loony fundamentalist did he take everything in the bible literally. Off course said loony fundamentalist. But said presenter the bible does contain contradictions so surely it is impossible to take it all literally. Look at Genesis, it opens with two creation stories. The order of creation is different, viz in the first men and wimmin are created last, but in the second men and wimmin are created before the animals. Loony fundamentalists answer was something like but the bible is inerrant and contains no contradictions. Loon!

the bible yesterday

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