Saturday, February 23, 2008

Adult Education Through The Ages (part one I think…)

Here’s teach, obviously….

Alan Petford is a legend!

The Yorkshire Textile Industries through the ages were mainly woollens (made of wool, obviously) and worsteds (also made of wool, though at Saltaire of course they did alpaca worsteds)….

Bring on the wool….

don’t try this at home kidz

My desk

see a real student! Got a moby…


it you want to get a hat get a head

Wonder if I learned anything… well here goes…..

To make woollens from wool. You have to

1. wash it
2. card it
3. spin it
4. weave it
5. finish the woven woolens

Finishing might include

- fulling
- dying
- tentering
- raising
- cropping

With additional and omitted steps with worsteds. Looks like a lot of hard work. How anyone managed to make it through all those stages to produce the first ever textiles is beyond me..... Perhaps that’s why Gengiz Khan conquered half the world with little or no textile industry, the mongol yurt being made of felt instead.

Anyway, to spin the spindle was invented millennia ago and was still in use until the Industrial Revolution. A student gives it a go....

a natural

Along comes the Great Wheel.

here's a spinner...

But the hand spindle is still in use, can be used anywhere and until invention of the spinning jenny, yarn is generally in short supply, especially in areas with a textile industry.


Alan again

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