Tuesday, February 12, 2008


a Church yesterday

A younger brother once asked in a book he had written:-

"Why should I join a Church?"

and he continues

"In seeking for the right answer, we need to ask first of all whether it is more blessed to give or to receive. It is a form of selfishness that tempts on to try to receive from all the Churches, giving them nothing but a few pence in the collecting basket. A member can give a Church far more than a casual visitor, not only money but other things more valuable, prayer, influence, work, and sympathy. "

"Again, there will come a time in our lives when we shall need Christian help and shepherding. It may be in bereavement or sickness, in poverty, or alas, in backsliding."

(from The Principals of Open Brethern, by a younger brother. (Pickering and Inglis Glasgow, Alfred Holness London and Gospel Publishing House New York) )

Perhaps we most need a community when we are backsliding. Not sure what loading backsliding has, is a backslider repentant when backsliding? Whatever. Perhaps we not only need the community when we are unrepentant sinners but also still have a right to belong.

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