Saturday, February 16, 2008

Silly Questions?

Time flies. At some point in the past when I first arrived in Leeds and was crossing the University Campus I stumbled on this heraldic achievement. Nice motto?

JAH lives!

Turns out anyway that it is the Arms of the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers of the City of London. Seems the Clothworkers paid for the Textiles Building so it’s in right ordering that their Arms are on display. Seems the Clothworkers have strong connections with this University.

Likesay dialled up their website a few years ago and discovered that you don’t have to be a clothworker to be a Clothworker, or have any connection with the City of London, you just have to be the son or daughter of a Clothworker. In fact that would appear to be the only way in. Well the Livery Companies of the City of London are peculiar peculiarities I suppose. Was listening to State Controlled Radio a while back and they interviewed this vicar who was vicar of one of the myriad churches within the “square mile” not many parishioners but since there are the Livery Companies…. Anyway seemed for one annual service he had to have a tricorne hat , not wear it but have it in his hand. Managed to get one in a theatrical suppliers or fancy dress place for a fraction of what he would have paid in Weed and Ravenscroft (official robe makers to the University of Leeds).

Anyway, top of peculiarities no doubt treasured by the Clothworkers is the following. It appears that if you are lucky to get invited to dinner at Clothworkers hall, the waiter will ask do you dine with the Alderman or with Lady Cooper, which is a now traditional way of asking would you like brandy or gin. Seems back in the midst of time Alderman Cooper was at a Clothworkers Shindig and dropped dead when he got home. Lady Cooper blamed the brandy, and bequeathed funding for gin as a safe alternative. Anyway, silly question really. In my happy go lucky alcohol dependant days wouldn’t have minded both really, preferably trebles. Now I am retired of course….

Time the Worshipful Company of Yogurt Weavers of the City of London was incorporated I would certainly be eligible for election.

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