Monday, October 31, 2005

Meet the Ancestors!

Happy Hippy Samhain one and all! Nothing alas communal to do tonite. Did have an Osteoarchaeology practical session. And if that is not a chance to meet the ancestors….

Someone at Head to Head did say

"Ooooh - I've ofetn wondered about that - it really bugs me that archeologists seem to feel they have some sort of right to dig up bones in the pursuit of knowledge of the past. I would be pretty bloody pissed off if someone dug up my bones, although whether I would actually know about it is another thing, of course. But still, it is a bit crap really isn't it, just because a body has been there for a long time, to dig it up?"

I agree. This is all pretty spooky. Rather sickening really. Who knows the dead might just want their bones to still be in the earth like the native australians. And what right do we psuedo scientific rag and bone merchants have to pick over someones anatomy. What good are we doing? I will probably go mad!

So let’s go for it! Archaeology is for wierdos! ;)

the ancestors yesterday

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