Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chav Nation

Cycling through Yorkshire of Late, I have usually been wearing a Khaki cotton broad brimmed hat which I bought from Millets. Originally for my trip to Bracknell, viz, thought that being a skin head might frighten potential lifts off. Plus a hitching guru reckoned the best two hitch hiking props are a guitar and a hat. Since I can’t play a single chord I will stick to a hat. Likesay the chap in the petrol station at Vogon Central did reckon hat put off potential lifts…. Whatever....

Anyway said hat is perfect for summer cycling, viz, it serves as a sweat band, shades the sun from my eyes, keeps the sun off my neck so that I don’t get redneck… Thing is that I cycle past a lot of Chavs, who are everywhere, not just in Yorkshire’s (and every other county I suspect in these countries on these islands…..) big cities but also the small villages. Likesay the Chavs think it so funny, indeed I have even had some abuse. Well, let them laugh because they think I am different (when I am not. Well, maybe…..). Laugh at them for being all the same. At least being complete sad bored boring fashion victims.

a chav yesterday

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