Tuesday, August 16, 2005

How Many Kittens?

Saturday was Unity Day in Hyde Park and Woodhouse. Missed it entirely, nothing much going down last year. Had some much unwelcome hassle from local kidz. I digress. That evening was the Cornerstone Garden Party celebrating Cornerstone’s acquisition of number 40 back in the heroic days of the co-op movement.

Carlo pointed out to me that the kitchen at number 40 has been decorated. Sorry didn’t notice. The upstairs loo looks redecorated, but it probably was at the last garden party last year. Whatever. Anyway on the door of said throne room was the card

masturbation is perfectly harmless and natural folks.  Except for the kittens LMAO!
I think that was there last year. I am sure it was.

Oh no said one lady punk whimsically, that means 10 kittens a day!

So ladies and gentlemen how many kittens? Usually don’t manage more than one or two a day. Perhaps I am getting old LMAO!

Anyway. It was nice to catch up with Sue, one of the founders of Cornerstone. Merrick had brought tincture of wormwood (home made absinthe) and was being a cheerful Absinthe fairy. Cheers Merrick!

And good to see the one and only Gael Impiazzi again with her usual scintillating aura.

Perhaps I am getting old but didn’t stay till the end. After some lovely sounds from the collection of Carlo, including “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles, Gary and Malc where seen in the vicinity of the decks agh!!!! And since by this time the staircase was lined with identikit punks, boring, it was time to go home.

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