Friday, August 12, 2005

Liberté, égalité, guillotiné

The Guillotine yesterday.
Monday I cycled to Halifax. The town who’s principal claim to fame is that they pioneered the use of the guillotine for petty offences.

Now. Long term and indeed short term readers of this blog will be aware I am a historian. Or want to be one when I grow up. So, when I got to Guillotine City I looked for a Tim Martin Alehouse. Pop into one of Tim’s boozers and there is usually some stuff up about the history of said alehouse and the local town or village. So popped in, ordered a pint of coke for 1.35 UKP forgetting to make it diet coke. Silly me, wot with all the dental trouble. I had probably sweated a pint of fluid cycling over the Yorkshire Alps between Halifax and Bradford!

Anyway, I was listening to state controlled radio a few days ago and someone compared the Oxford English Dictionary to wikipedia in that anyone could contribute, and one of the contributors many of who’s definitions made it into the OED turned out to be a patient in Broadmoor.

Well, wikipedia has more going for it than the fact that anyone can contribute, it is self edited as well hurrah! And has lots of non copyright pics. It is my favourite part of the internet hurrah! The day it was down was a dark day indeed.

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