Sunday, August 28, 2005

View from a Daffodil Bridge

Cycled this morning to Hebden Bridge. Was a touch late for Meeting for Worship at Hebden Bridge Quaker Meeting. Thankfully the doorkeeper let me in even so. You know, I can’t even remember the last time I went to Meeting for Worship.

One item of Quakerspeak. Daffodil ministry is where, inevitably each spring some Friend notices the daffodils have sprung up and says how wonderful everything is. Boring and predictable ministry. Also feelgood Daffodil spirituality, in the style of Richard Bach’s “Illusions”. Lots of this in the Society of Friends, or at least in this Yearly Meeting.

Likesay towards the end one elderly Friend said that Friends never let each other fall flat on their face. Well since they have on more than one occasion, and that is only speaking from personal experience…..

Likesay felt disciplined enough to keep my bum on my pew. I feel so outraged though. Over coffee one Friend said that the Friend who spoke so had spoke from his own experience. Which makes me feel even more excluded.

Don’t get me wrong. I did find Hebden Bridge Meeting quite welcoming. Especially as I know I am currently downright cantankerous. I have found some Quaker meetings downright unwelcoming even when I was on my best behaviour. Sometimes Quakers do befriend the Friend in the next pew. Sometimes Friends do befriend people who are different. But this is rare.

And home has to be somewhere.

'Friends I saw even more daffodils!'

Hebden Bridge Quaker meeting yesterday.

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