Sunday, August 28, 2005

Junior Beer thanks to New Babylon

I was sitting in an alehouse in Hebden Bridge sipping diet coke when to my delight I discovered that there was a copy of that voice of reason and moderation “The Mail on Sunday”. In big letters the headline has


Likesay since I read it in the Mail on Sunday it must be true (and with our current New Babylon government no surprise really). And why not? Get them early I say! LMAO! (only joking, me and my Viz sense of humour….)

The Editor of the said rag deplored putting profits before principals. Likesay if this is not an expression of Socialism I wonder what is. No doubt the Editor will continue to deplore the unacceptable face of capitalism wherever it rears it’s ugly head.

Prohibition is always good for organised crime. Legalisation is always bad for organised crime. Perhaps for the sake of society it is time to end prohibition. Must confess I do wriggle a bit on the issue of legalisation of heroin and crack (though even crack would probably be ridiculously cheap if there was a legal market and hence at least far less fuel for drug related crime) though as the Saintly Terence McKenna said, if we can tolerate alcohol, what can we not tolerate?

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