Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bad Blogging

flaming flowers that brightly blaze!

Hello to anyone reading this blog. Likesay. I am low in energy. Haven’t posted much to this blog. I am not at my best. I am in severe pain. Hireling dental surgeon says everything is aok. General Practicing Doctor is referring me to the maxilo facial specialist, but says there could be 4 month wait. In the mean time I am in agony. Have prescription pain killers but have stopped taking them. I am in less pain it would seem as a result…… mad shit!

I still live in a bridge of sighs bed-sit on an inner city council estate. Still feel very lonely, harassed unloved.

So blogging energy a bit low at times. I do appreciate that worse things happen at sea, and indeed they could in the not so distant future. I get scared.

Ok. I am depressed and lonely. Have been trying for years to get over dangerous isolation. Looks like I keep turning in the wrong direction. When you are depressed you find out who your friends are not.

Rant over?

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