Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Fall of Zion

The more observant readers of this blog may have noticed that the University of Leeds School of Continuing Education has been discontinued, some Continuing Education ultra-lite being provided by the new life long learning centre. Unfortunately this led to the closure of the School of Continuing Education Library. A truly unique library! Absolutely ideal for continuing education students. But such is life. So, after the University Libraries had taken away any of the books that they could give a good home to, a closing down sale was held with proceeds to the bursary fund. Plan was, so I am told, for the rest of the books to be sold by the yard to a book dealer. So, spent a fortune that I could not afford but at least came away with a sackfull of books. As follows:-

Angela Carter: "The Bloody Chamber"
Angela Carter: "Wise Children"
Angela Carter: "The Magic Toyshop"
Asa Briggs: "Victorian Cities"
Ronald Hutton: "The British Republic 1649-1660 "
Cecil Woodham-Smith: "The Great Hunger 1845-1849 "
Malcolm Lambert: "Medieval Heresy"
Simon Schama: "The Embarrassment of Riches"
George Orwell: "The Road to Wigan Pier"
George Orwell: "Animal Farm"
George Orwell: "Keep the Aspidistra Flying "
Christopher Hill: "Reformation to Industrial Revolution"
Ashton/Fryson/Roberts: "The Chartist Legacy"
Marge Piercy: "Woman on the Edge of Time "
George Rude: "Revolutionary Europe 1783-1815 "
Michael Wood: "In search of the Dark Ages" (poor paperback version)
Kathleen M Kenyon: "Beginning in Archaeology"
Rosalind K Marshall: "Elizabeth I "
Andrew Pickering: "Lancastrians to Tudors "
Robert Kaiser: "Inside the Council"
E H Carr: "What is History?"
Malcolm Todd: "Roman Britain 55 bc-400 ad "
Michael Crawford: "The Roman Republic"
John Bunyan: "Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners/The life and Death of Mr Badman"
John Bright: "A History of Israel"
Arnold Bonner: "British Co-operation"
Babera Watterson: "Introducing Egyptian Hieroglyphics"
Frank Delaney: "The Celts" (paperback edition)
Robert Stewart: "Party and Politics 1830-1852"
Samuel Smiles: "Self Help"
Herman Melville: "Moby Dick"
Hilary Wilson: "People of the Pharaohs "
J F C Harrison: "The Common People"
Alvin Toffler: "Future Shock"
Michael Vickers: "The Roman World "
Hillel Geva: "Ancient Jerusalem Revealed"
Jay M Pasachoff: "Astronomy"
Colin Renfrew: "Before Civilisation"
Colin Martin/Geoffrey Parker: "The Spanish Armada"
Carol Duncan: "Civilising Rituals – Inside Public art museums"
John Bunyan: "The Pilgrim’s Progress"
Henry Pelling: "Britain and the Second World War"
David V Erdman: "Blake – Propet Against Empire"
R J C Atkinson: "Stonhenge" (very old tattered and torn copy)
William Cobbett: "Rural Rides"
Alexander Solzhenitsyn: "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch"
Christopher Hill: "Society and Puritanism in Pre-Revolutionary England"
Michael Kidron/Ronald Segal: "The State of the World Atlas"
1997 Whittakers Almanac
97th Pears Cyclopedia

Plus a pamphlet “Affirmations – God in the Modern World- The Inner Light”, yup, you guessed it, by some dodgy Quaker type one Gerald K Hibbert. Plus two cds, one of Tibetan one of Japanese Music.

Managed to get said books back to my flat. In the long term they have all gone to a good home. Though in the short term, I don’t have room, I am not cut out for a bridge of sigh’s bed sit.

Noticed that the book “The Fall of Zion” about the decline of Chapel Architecture in Yorkshire had gone to a good home. This was the end of an era.

“Come on Bluebell you’re supposed to buy these books not read them” said Doctor Chase at one point. Ah if I had unlimited funds. And more volume in cottage. Still, perhaps I should get a badge struck “MAD PROFESSOR IN TRAINING” plus the t shirt and bumper sticker.

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