Saturday, October 22, 2005

Textual Harrassment Part two

It hurts to be knocked back. It cannot be controverted that La Donna E Mobile (“woman is fickle” how many examples would you like) and there is certainly no accounting for taste.

Well, I had a long exchange of both messages and texts with one woman, and she hit all the right buttons before knocking me back telling me that she was monogamous. Why did she not say as much earlier and indeed put it on her love@lycos profile!

I was moved to send the following text to my little brother

“Female creatures! What can you do with them!”

Kevin replied

“Shag them… Unless they human In which case its not worth the Hassle.”

I replied

“Baa! Perhaps the countryside alliance have a point still think they r wrong about killing foxes lmao! Not sure what drives me most 2 distraction wimmin who know what they want or those who don’t.. Right I’m off 2 find a sheep! Might go 4 a male sheep so much simpler! Baa! Winnin r pathetic! luv bluebell x”

hello sailor! ;)

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