Monday, October 10, 2005

Textual harrassment....

The Editor of “Leeds Student” received the following text

is it wrong to sit in lectures wishing your lecturer was handcuffed to your bed? Hope not…… but then I don’t care – it’s passing a very long class

I must confess that my rejoining the mobile phone counter revolution was partly because I felt I was missing out on txt.

So yesterday evening texted my brother

Bloody hell! Sunday evening radio is not only boring but repeats that are boring and in 21st century britain there is only 1 radio station talk radio anyway

Kevin replied

One day the wil make a radio that wil have pictures that move. Bet stil b sum nut who wont hav Such a wonderful device

I replied

Probably be some nut that will though

He replied


OK, this is bad blogging, next post will be called Bad Blogging and will be an update about what is really happening in my own little world.

But for more thoughts on televisual narcosis, for and against, do check out Ednet

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