Friday, October 21, 2005

Tea and Prime Ministers

Whig Premier Charles Grey yesterday

Funnily enough a remarkable number of Prime Ministers have been named after varieties of tea. In Olde England at least, not sure about Amerika.

Managed to score some earl grey in Morrison’s this afternoon, likesay I am a historian and and am skim reading a book on a naughty prime minister of yesteryear. I am not much of a tea drinker, coffee if it is going and extra caffeinated and if you can’t stand your spoon up in it call it a disaster! England takes drugs in psychic defence! In answer to Gael’s impassioned plea for a carbon audit likesay all my food is locally sourced, usually from the local Morrison’s…

So, what tea would you suggest for a latter day aristocratic public school tory prime minister? Such as Tony Blair? Clearly Baroness Thatcher Tea would be full of iron but have a very bitter taste and result in a 20 year depression. No doubt Grocer Heath Tea would have a faint taste of sea salt. Keep ‘em coming folks!

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