Friday, October 15, 2004

Hangover Free Day number one….

Feeling tired and generally like shit! Alcohol deficiency, bad for the body mind and soul! And let us not mention my dental trouble agh!

Still. Found a one litre smoothie in Fascist Pig Supermarket for 1.79 UKP so life ain’t so bad. More shades of the “Bridget Jones Diary” smoothies as alcohol substitutes....... Yes I do have a co-dependant addictive personality minus at least the soupiness of romance. And on that subject, oh I am ranting LOL! Yes I am a card carrying idealist, for my sins multiplied, but never signed up to the dross of romanticism. And yes, me and my unmet needs for love, affection, friendship and lots of sex. But lets not go there.

Well done and thank you Richard for your comments and sharings, made my day!. Solidarity buddy! Anyone passing through this blog site I wonder, yes I know I should add a counter. Tried that on my main site many years ago and it never worked, and Cornerstone’s Anorak-In-Chief was as perplexed as I was. Well that’s my excuse.

My last entry required considerable anoraking. Well it didn’t but alas I am not familiar with the graphics program I was using, photoshop does not have the save to web facilities. Was having terrible problems getting scanned image down from 2 megs. And then it all went ok when I discovered it had been saved as 200k in another folder. You learn something everyday…..

Blessed be!

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