Monday, October 11, 2004

Salacious Porn!

In a letter to me, my father once described washing up and ironing as the bane of human existence. Well, sitting in the launderette on a council estate where I live. It occurred to me that actually, it is so magickal just sitting there and watching the machine do some rather back breaking work of washing. I must have gone a decade without doing much ironing. I only do that when I have to. First meeting of school governors, when the OFSTED inspector came, and when interviewing teachers.

Anyway….. The one book I had to hand “Beer and Britannia” was a touch too heavy a read. So I looked at the “magazine” stockpile in said launderette.

Perfect Home
Inspirations – for your home
Country Living
Ideal Home
Real Homes Magazine
House Beautiful
BBC Good Homes

Can you believe such salacious porn!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Oh for a copy of any wimmins mag to browse through then. Even Cosmo! My previous missions to said launderette did result in reading in some down market wimmins mag about a) 3 ladies who had never been seen naked by their husbands and b) a lady who had never had sex with her hubby. I showed a) to the launderette attendant who commented “how does he shag you then?” answer being that they made love in the dark. Logical. b) however well her husband was understanding that she did not want to do sex but hoped that one day she would. Hmmm, just think, all that about under English Law, and church law of those orthodox churches, a marriage must be consummated. Only once mind you…. Reminds me of a former housemate musing on the things that men give up to get married. Friends. Careers. Homes. Hobbies. Courses. Even would you believe it their sex lives.

No I am not drunk, I am posting this stone cold sober. I have only had one can of special brew. Oh, and on the way here I passed through the old bar and saw a fellow Leeds University Union Councillor engaging in a pre council tipple. Shocking!

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