Thursday, October 14, 2004

Any Comments?

So much for my early night.

Spotted this in “The Times” of Wednesday 13th October 2004 ce (page 9). David Starkey the Historian talking about “My Mother never got over me being Gay”

“I was born with physical impairments and she was extraordinary, encouraging me although overprotective. She was hugely affectionate but the monstrousness came when her creation – me – showed signs of wanting to become his own person”

he continues:-

“I am with the Prince of Wales on love – ‘whatever that may be’. The difficulty with love is that it has been contaminated with the soupiness of romance.”

Any comments?

“You come to a stage when being a 60 year old leather queen strutting around is slightly silly”

I don’t know David. Much as I disapprove of beastly vile animal products. I am dead against any repression of harmless fetishes. Stay kinky at 60!

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