Thursday, October 21, 2004

Cosmically Speaking

Found this, not on the internet, but in an old favourite book of mine “The Guinness Book of Answers”. I no longer own a copy but there is a reference copy in the Edward Boyle Library.

A Guide to the Scale of the Solar System

If the Sun where reduced to the size of a beach ball of 30.48 cm in diameter, following on the same scale the nine planets would be represented relatively thus:

Mercury, a grain of mustard seed 15.2 m away

Venus, a pea 23.7 m away

Earth, a pea 32.3 m away, The Moon, a grain of mustard seed 8.5 cm from earth.

Mars, a currant 49.9 m away

Jupiter , an orange 170.6 m away

Saturn, a tangerine 312.1 m away

Uranus, a plum 627.8 m away

Neptune, a plum 984.5 m away

Pluto, a pinhead up to 1.6 km away

The nearest star would lie near San Francisco!

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