Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Where Have the Flowers Gone?

“I wish we had the hearts of children! Their eyes are wide and their love is pure! We only dare to say ‘Please Love Me!’ at the seventh glass of wine” (“Flowers in our Hair” Bricheno / Cousin / Regan “All About Eve”).

In my current condition. I do get very sick and tired of other people’s superficiality and downright falseness. Go and read the opening of chapter on “Community Building and Maintenance” from “The Different Drum, Community Building and Peace” by M Scott Peck. Opening likesay of the story of the Basement group. Oops rambling and ranting at same time.

Also, people can be so pathetic that they don’t even say “Please Love Me” at the seventh glass of wine. Or are too straight laced to get pissed. Nothing wrong with refraining entirely from alcohol or any other drugs. So long as it is not for the wrong reasons. Such as to be too bloody straight laced or emotionally cold.

Live and love adventurously dearly beloved brothers and sisters.

“And we learn to love and we learn to give and earn the flowers in our hair my friend, so take my hand, one day is always to far away”

love and rage..... Bluebell x

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