Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Happy new year everyone! No I have not lost the plot. Just nursing a post Yule hangover. No, I have had a few hangover free days since 25th December 2003. More than Bridget Jones honestly! (just over 140 a year if I remember rightly) It is just that there are moves afoot to declare every last Monday of the month in the Old Bar of Leeds University Union, Christmas, have a party, put up crimbo decorations, and blast crimbo music through the sound system. Starting yesterday evening after Union Council. Wonder how long this enthusiasm will last.

Still, played pass the parcel last night. I did not win, and become the proud owner of a beer glass, but I pealed off one layer, and there was a key-ring/fridge magnet/bottle opener in the style of “Reef” (Reef is a bottled alco-pop sold here in Old England, viz a mix of fruit juice and vodka or whatever 5% alcohol by volume). And in the in house off licence, for days they have been selling off Wkd iron brew (Wkd is another alco-pop marketed under the slogan “do you have a Wkd sense of humour?” Wkd pronounced “Wicked” of course). So for at least a couple of days they had been down to the last bottle, selling for 1.19 UKP instead of the usual 1.79 UKP. I told the man behind the counter that if it was sill there I would buy it. Well no one could ever accuse me of having a wicked sense of humour.

Learned in this mornings lecture (level 2 module “Organisations of the Workforce 2 Early Trade Unions) that in the old days of apprenticeships and indentured servitude, the ‘prentice was usually unable to marry during apprenticeship. And sometimes the indenture would forbid the said ‘prentice from fornication. Shocking! As Julie Burchil once said, “If you can’t drink smoke and fornicate when your young, when can you?”

Right, off to Societies Executive Committee with a hangover.

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