Tuesday, October 19, 2004

England Takes Drugs in Psychic Defence!

Well then. Not quite the blog I first intended to write…. Hangover free day number five. Spending a small fortune on a certain proprietary fizzy drink, which does wonders for my anti-imperialist credentials. So, Bridget Jones style, units of alcohol 0. Cigarettes 0. (in joke, LOL! I am a non-smoker, well, I don’t smoke tobacco LOL!). Smoothies (alcohol substitute?) 0, units of fat don’t ask! Units of caffeine er…. Pray how much is one unit of caffeine? Why are units of caffeine not displayed on the containers of all caffeine containing products?

Anyway, seem to have mislaid my Senate papers agh! Oh well, should be able to get another set tomorrow.

Now for a Kabal event. Workshop on Chakras and Crystals. Yes, I know it sounds like new age rubbish and feel good daffodil spirituality, but Kabal is a broad Khurch, and actually nothing wrong with either Krystals or Khakras per se. Pretty Tantric stuff really. Should be interesting. While it is not in the job description of the Kommittee, or even that of the President (this being my Presidential year, cue “Hail to the Chief”), adjourning to the bar afterwards is well pretty vital in terms of kommunication.

So, again, have had enough kaffeine for one day. Enough for a week really. So a glass of lemonade with blackcurrant it will be. Tomorrow will be hangover free day number six.

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