Thursday, October 14, 2004

To the Woman in the House

Well, was in the Packhorse saying hello to Lib Dem Dave on Tuesday evening, for no other reason than I am sad and lonely and friendly, when in comes the University Labour/Tory/Lib Dem Otley Run. Long story. The Otley Run is a traditional pub crawl in Leeds, start Woodies on Otley Road, work way down to the Union Bars and then finish at Dry Dock on Woodhouse Lane.

Hangover again! It seemed like a good idea to follow the mob to the Union Bar.

Anyway. What do I get for snail mail this morning but something delivered from Cancer Research UK addressed “To the Woman in the House”. I searched thoroughly but…. LOL! Stalin has a theory that there is a bit of a woman in all of us. No chance man!

Right, I know I should be sitting in front of the computer blogging, but must head back home and to an early night. And tidy my cottage……

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