Saturday, October 16, 2004

Spending a Penny (0.01 UKP)

Hangover free day number 2. Visited friend Nikki for chat and to see her foster kittens. She works for the RSPCA. 5 little orphan kittens came in and the staff where asked for a volunteer to foster them. It would seem that some young “gentleman” did shoot their mother dead with a pellet gun, hence they are orphaned. When asked why, he is reported to have said “I am Black and I am Bad” or some such. He is helping the police with their enquiries and facing a possible charge of animal cruelty. BASTARD! Still, I would not like to be in his shoes on judgement day. You do realise that God herself is a cat?

Got the bus with Nikki back into town, said merry part and then needed to “spend a penny”. Oh that quaint Anglicism for needing a pish! Why am I such a euphemistic tosser!

So options. Are their any public “conveniences” (another euphemism) in Leeds City Centre. I have only lived here for 5 years. I look in first 2 of the indoor shopping centres (called “Malls” in Amerika I do believe), and no there is no public shitehouse. Finally entered central railway forecourt, where for 20p (0.20 UKP, there’s inflation for you…..) I could have a pish. Yes I have read “Trainspotting” by Irvine Walsh, haven’t you? I had a mere, 0.34 UKP in loose change. And there was a change machine, but not one for converting small change into a 20 p piece to get me past the wicket gate (I take it you have read “The Pilgrim’s Progress”). Fortunately there was an attendant who did take my five pence pieces, for thereof, and let me through manually. And I had a most satisfying pish! Well having paid a small fortune for it….

Oh yes! Another comment, this time from Matt, cheers! Will add your blog to a list of blogs I like tommorrow.

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