Saturday, October 09, 2004

I am not bitter, I am special (brew)

now then gentle reader. You might have though that from the title of this blog that I am bitter. not a bit of it. I am special :)

Still. Although in theory, it would be possible to blog from my main website and its mirror at due to some technical difficulties, a custom blog site might be an idea so here it is.

No, I am not bitter. I have done a course on traditional alcoholised drinks at the University of Leeds School of Continuing Education.

But yes, walking up Woodhouse Lane, the title for this blog, a great original, finally came to me.

The immortal, but sadly now dead, Bill Hicks wrote a classic song "Chicks Dig Jerks". Or was it Marblehead Johnson. Anyway, Bill sung it.

Anyway. A Gay friend once wrote that it was politically incorrect to say but "remarkable how many 'right on' het women end up marrying the most appaling sexist troglodytes". And then of course want a shoulder to cry on with "all men are bastards" when it all goes wrong again. Well ditch the political correctness, chicks dig jerks. Not all. But when female creatures are concerned, I rarely see much accounting for taste.

Chicks dig jerks, so true!

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